Party Suggestions

Costume Parties

Consider booking my face painting services between a few friends for a costume party, or better still, hire my appearance at the party as your gift to the host or hostess.  It's a great ice-breaker, and everyone will look fantastic!

170706101940_Face_Painting_-_Trick_or_Treating 170706101940_Face_Painting_-_Joker_and_Minion 170706101940_Face_Painting_-_Halloween
170706101940_Face_Painting_-_Clown 170706101621_Face_Painting_-_Skull 160913114833_Balloon_Art_-_Sven_and_Olaf
160913114820_Balloon_Art_-_Pikachu_and_Minion 160913114712_Balloon_Art_-_Skeleton

Individual Painting

Also, I'm happy to do individual painting if you come to me (in the Marion area).

Kids' Parties

These are my favourite events, and I have lots of different balloon designs and face painting designs to delight all the children, including super-fast cheek designs for little tots or big queues.

Injury  Parties

Injury Parties are great fun for pre-teen boys.  BYO bandages, slings and crutches - and let's create a whole casualty ward with realistic 3D special effects!  There is no extra charge for this type of face painting, but as extra time per person is required, it does need to be requested at time of booking.

110429120749_Face_Painting_-_Injury_3 110429120749_Face_Painting_-_Injury_2 110429120749_Face_Painting_-_Injury_1

Baby Bumps

A bit of fun at a baby shower!